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Eastern Consulting offers its clients a scalable set of services for Russian market entry that can be tailored to the particular business needs of an individual client, including:

  • Assistance with initial market entry through sector research, business travel to Russia, search for partners and channel partners, all aspects of establishing business operations on the territory of Russia and advice on business culture and business practices.
  • Assistance with direct sales, including contract and transaction review, translation, brand development, marketing and sales support.
  • Assistance in developing sales programs through a partner, distributor or product representative, particularly in technology related sectors.
  • Assistance in setting up and staffing a representative office.
  • Assistance in setting up full-scale on-the-ground operations for direct market entry.

Eastern Consulting can help evaluate business proposals that may appear in a confusing form due to language and business cultural differences. We can advise on logistics of visits to Russia to meet potential distributors or clients, with advice on travel, visa, accommodations, translation and business cultural issues.

If requested, Eastern Consulting can accompany client company representatives for business meetings in Russia and CIS countries.

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This is to confirm that COWI A/S has since 1998 engaged Pavel Lyakhovsky from Eastern Consulting for assistance on our internationally financed projects in Pskov and Novgorod Regions, Russia and Astana, Kazakhstan. The projects in question have entailed consultancy services and project implementation within the fields of urban water supply, urban sewerage systems, agriculture and improvement of municipal services, ie on a total of six major projects.

Eastern Consulting have assisted us on logistics, liaison with authorities, interpretation, translation and with specific professional consultancy input on the projects as well. We have been very satisfied with the high quality of these services and with the timely and cost competitive performance of the company.

Kaj Juhl, project manager at COWI A/S, Denmark