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Eastern Consulting is a Russian firm that helps international companies establish or expand their Russian operations.

We provide a comprehensive list of market entry and development services from initial sector research to dealing with the legalities of the business and local authorities. We can assist in every aspect of market entry from the initial planning process to the opening and success of a new operation.

Who we are

We offer the experience and expertise of highly qualified and successful local Russian business experts. We are relatively small but flexible, and we can adapt easily to our clients' needs. We always put our clients first and do not work with their competitors.


We are located in Pskov, a medium sized city in Northwest Russia, about 300km (185 miles) from St. Petersburg and 850km (530 miles) from Moscow. Traveling to meet clients in not an issue.

Our Purpose

In our experience it is very difficult for International companies to investigate the Russian market and create a new sustainable business within that market. It is also difficult for those companies to hire and keep experienced full time Russian speaking employees.

We take all of those burdens and tasks off the backs of new market development managers. We can take a expanding company from the idea of entering the Russian market to a full staffed new operation.

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During the project Capacity Building for Implementation of the Local Government Reform in Pskov Oblast that was implemented between Local Government Denmark, the Danish national association of local authorities, and Pskov Oblast Administration in the period December 2003-May 2005 we used the services of Eastern Consulting.

They were quality controller for various activities during the project, including development of a web-site for the project, and from time to time they were also used as liaison officers.

They also assisted us with translation of written materials and interpretation during meetings and conferences, as well as with logistics, booking of hotels and some local transport.

In our opinion Eastern Consulting were a very efficient, fast and pleasant company to work with. They always delivered their work on time and were fully reliable in all aspects of work, including financial issues.

On the basis of this we can recommend them and their services to all other foreign companies wanting to do business or perform project activities in Pskov Oblast and neighbouring oblasts.

Holger Pyndt, director of international consultancy division at LGDK, Denmark