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SKRLJ — Beer brewing equipment

ŠKRLJ premises in beautiful Batuje, Slovenia
Production facilities
Beer fermentation tanks

SKRLJ roots go all the way back to 1967, to a private trade shop where the Škrlj family started making agricultural tools and machines. In the 1980s, our company started manufacturing stainless steel equipment, mostly for winemaking. The Škrlj family designed products based on their own winemaking experience, tested them, improved them, and paid close attention to any emerging new trends.

In 1995, the company moved to a new and bigger location in Batuje. What followed was a period of intensive development and production modernization. Our company expanded and started manufacturing stainless steel beer brewing, pharmacy, and food industry equipment.

Beer brewing is a dynamic process where you're free to taste, experiment with different flavors, and develop your own recipes.

There are, however, certain brewing principles that should always be followed. Each beer style demands a different brewing, fermentation, and maturation process. Brewing time, proper temperature and gradual heating, proper water preparation, precise ingredient measuring and adding, proper fermenation, and maturation control are all extremely important when preparing the perfect brew.

At Škrlj d.o.o., we plan and design equipment for every phase of the beer brewing process:
- mashing, wort boiling, and hopping,
- wort fermentation,
- beer maturation.

Our offer includes compact monoblock brewhouses, larger brewhouses with different tank combinations, and various microbrewing systems. We also design water preparation and storage tanks, beer fermentation and maturation tanks, and other beer brewing equipment (CIP stations, yeast propagators).

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