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Perhaps one of the greatest challenges than any manager or executive at a company faces is successfully launching his company into a new market, especially one in new country. The obstacles may seem daunting but the payoff can be great.

At Eastern Consulting, we are dedicated to helping you, the corporate executive, make your entry into the Russian market not just successful but an outstanding success.With our knowledge and experience, we can make your new market entry as easy as possible considering the demands that will be place on you.

Just how we can make this happen?We offer a full range of market entry services that can be scaled to your needs.These services include:

Sector Research

This may include new project development or existing business expansion. We can help evaluate markets and branding. We specialize in these custom research projects.

We can evaluate current and potential supply and demand for a product or service. We will produce a detailed and pointed Strategic Recommendation. We can produce a complete and comprehensive Market Entry Study. We can also produce a robust technical and economic feasibility study after detailed market research around products and their markets.

Partner Search

Sometimes the best way to enter the Russian market is to partner with a Russian firm.We can help you find reliable partners with whom you can build a long-term relationship. We can help with:

  • Industry related search and analysis
  • Preliminary negotiations with potential partners
  • Business meeting organization and visa support
  • Local Russian staffing
  • Agreement and tender development

Business Services and Operations Establishment

We offer a full range of services to help you establish your business in Russia and independent former Soviet Republics.Our services include:

  • Strategic development
  • Site selection
  • Integrating Russian operations into your international business unit operations and value chain
  • Russian unit staffing
  • Tax and Legal compliance
  • Establishing relationships with local authorities.

Marketing and sales support

This might include branding programs, event planning and marketing and mass media consulting and program management.


Russian is spoken throughout Russia and the CIS countries. As a business interested in succeeding in this market, you should translate all of your sales and marketing materials into Russian. Tender offers, business documents, technical manuals, installation manuals, and datasheets - all should be translated. Businesses new to Russia often find a lack of qualified and experienced translators.

Eastern Consulting can and will provide you with well qualified translators and interpreters. Our work will be correct when delivered and we hold our clients' sensitive information in complete confidence.

Setting up a representative office

We can help you start your new business. Or we can help in equipment procurement, logistical and administrative support including payroll services.


We can help you with a wide range of logistical support from visa procurement ... hotel reservations ... notarizations ... equipment rentals ... to printing. We can help you find office locations, temporary facilities, and legal advice. We provide complete turnkey logistical services.

Business climate and culture

We can advise on the business climate and culture. We are very flexible and can adapt to any new client and any new market opportunity.

With Eastern Consulting, we will help you learn your way around Russian business quickly and with dedication. We will do everything we can to help make your new venture a success, and our experienced and expert staff will work as hard for you as we do for ourselves.

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In 2008 HORTON decided to enter the Russian market. Ms Olga Savitskaya from Eastern Consulting had been working for HORTON on a freelance contract basis from September 2008 till September 2014, and reported to me from 2012 till 2014.

Olga Savitskaya had supported Horton during the entire market entry process from zero presence in Russia to serial supplies. The process entailed initial market research, introduction of HORTON to all key OEM and Tier 1 clients, getting new business for HORTON, getting through all stages of technical approvals and tests, conducting negotiations at all levels, providing support of supplies and business processes on a daily basis, and making business trips alone or with HORTONs staff.

We would like to particularly note the most difficult yet the most attractive project a fan clutch for YaMZ 536 series engine. In August 2014 the project reached the serial supplies phase. During implementation of this project with direct Olgas involvement we were able to push our main competitor out of this project.

Being a good team player, Olga has strong leadership and organizing skills, demonstrates persuasiveness and solid presentation skills.

In our opinion, Ms Savitskaya is a reliable person who possesses all skills required for developing someones business in Russia.

Franz Frieling, Director Sales, Horton Europe GmbH & Co. KG